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Good day All

I thank You for taking the time to read this! Allow me to brief you about our NPC Back on Your Feet... BOYF 

Genocide is flourishing in SA. On our Farms as wel as in our Cities. Hospitals became mortuaries!! Our people are dying DAILY due to lack of treatment. Nurses and some doctors do not care. They have a hands-off policy when relatives question the lack of treatment of their loved ones!! A lot of patients die due to septicemia. If you go in for a appendix to be removed, you can be sure you will bear the scars of mulitple operations needed to try and rectify the botched up mess of doctors .... that is of course if you are lucky enough to survive the painful ordeal. We are most greatful for the generous, but overworked attorneys which are workimg pro-bono to try and assist these patients.


Children take each other on with machetes! My daughter is in a special needs school because she has a brain tumor. Guess what? Hooligans that can't behave themselves are being transferred from mainstream schools to special needs schools because they have a right to education. Just last week my daughter was slapped across the face and when she hit the floor the black boy/man started kicking her. It also was not the 1st time. She was told to walk away which she did many times... reported the incidents and ABSOLUTELY nothing came of it coz the teachers fear being called a RACISTS. This was not at all an isolated incident as these type of things happen far more often than realized.

Our people are displaced into camps of hell and that is where BOYF Back on Your Feet is trying to make a difference.


Back on your feet is essentially what the name says. It was founded when the noticeable dis-empowerment of our citizens struck, and the dire need for social uplifting was acknowledged. 
The foundation of BOYF was founded to specifically focus on the Afrikaner and white South African people. It is not a charity organization, but an organization literally helping people back on their feet to social and economic health. Back on your feet’s vision and mission is to empower our displaced people with the opportunities to re-educate, retrain and re-skill into other means with which to support their families, and empower and uplift them to the social and financial ability to again, take care of and fully sustain themselves from the core of the family. 
Tess Riekert
083 270 0026 
Please feel free, WhatsApp me should you want to become part of the solution.  
FNB BOYF Back on your Feet 2017/183334/08
Business Cheque: 62707950326
Branch code: 25104    


Please, please consider becoming a sponsor or donor to help those in dire straits, and we thank all of you who have supported us past, present and future tense.